Kitchen: Creating Custom Trim

DIY Kitchen Makeover: Creating Custom Trim {Copycat 1950s}

Finishing the cabinet was a breeze.  A little more thought had to go into the trim.  We have found that most of the trim in our 1950s house was custom made from thick oak.  Finding that at the local hardware store is next to impossible!  We called an asked for some bids and the price to have it custom cut was just not even an option.  So we had to get creative!

I told Stud to not worry about matching it perfectly so this is what Stud came in the house and held up to the cabinet…I laughed loudly!  Yeah, that wasn’t going to work!  We starred at the scrap wood in the garage and finally realized that if we made ONE cut in the small piece.  We just cut it at a 45 degree angle and then air gunned it to a larger strip, the resemblance was unreal!

A little matching of the angles and a few more staples into the cabinet and Viola!!!

Okay, so we’re not obsessive about perfect molding trim cuts…it’s too hard to be obsessive when caulk and wood filler amazingly cover everything!!!

Looks great with a little primer…wait until the top coat goes on…and the crazy thing is, I’m thinking this is how the original craftsman made our kitchen trim…we thought we were compromising to save a buck, but really I think we okay Stud {I’ll give credit where credit is due} totally figured it out!!!  He keeps getting more and more fine tuned in his skills!  Love it!

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  1. Maria O says:

    you have given me so many great ideas! Thank you ! xoxo

  2. Trish says:

    I’m totally stealing this. Thanks

  3. Jackie says:

    Love it!! a more pronounced look and Affordable, must try.

  4. Sherry @ No Minimalist Here says:

    Aimee, The crown molding adds so much to the design. It looks wonderful! xo, Sherry

  5. Aimee - says:

    You’re killing me Shannon! Hahahahaha! Totally need to come take notes from you!!!
    XO, Aimee

  6. Lindsay says:

    I need to pin this for sure! We want to do molding in some of our rooms. Thanks for the tutorial!

  7. Kelley @ says:

    So simple.. yet so pretty! Love it Aimee 🙂