Clear Out Backyard

Clear Out Backyard: Overgrown Shrubs and Vines was majorly on my mind when we signed on the line to purchase this rancher. Our home was a complete disaster from the front curb all the way through to the back fence. We bought it from the original owners who had proudly called it their home for 58 years.

Despite it’s condition, the house had obvious potential and was on a prime piece of property. We couldn’t resist! We wrote ‘Clear Out Backyard: Overgrown Shrubs and Vines’ towards the top of our to do list, knowing that opening up a huge space of soft green grass for our boys to run free, play ball, and tackle to their little hearts content (which is constant around here) was SUPER important! Check out the before picture…this was the ugliest part of our almost half an acre lot. We made a list and started working on checking it off! (of course we also planted a vegetable garden, but that was a different part of the yard).

Clear Out Backyard: Overgrown Shrubs and Vines

  1. Prune the Pecan Tree
  2. Paint Trim and Add Gutters
  3. Remove Overgrown Vines
  4. Remove Fence Along Back of Property
  5. Remove Asian Jasmine
  6. Remove Rusty Metal Flower Bed Barrier
  7. Improve Quality of Grass
  8. Remove Bushes Around Back Patio

With all the overgrowth cleared away and our boys running wild through the yard, now it’s time for me to have some FUN! I plan on creating a great outdoor living area like this:


Now that I have shared what turns my backyard into my perfect summer oasis, I want to know what you’ve done to transform your backyard into your oasis.

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