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Home Tours are totally my favorite!  Thanks so much Amanda for providing this week’s Dreamy Dwelling Southern Home Tour!  I absolutely adore your beautiful Southern Home!

In 2009, we moved from our first home, a new construction, to a 41 year old in need of some care.  The place had me at hello and my husband and I have spent the last three years loving on it, updating it, and embracing it as our forever home.  We have two young boys and let me just tell you that it’s been no small task to balance my love of shiny, beautiful over-the-top things with durable, down-to-earth, utterly invincible elements. This has led to crazy sounding ideas like mixing crystal chandeliers, outdoor rugs, family antiques and Ikea furnishings all in the same room.  I hail from Savannah and love that city with all my heart – you’ll see lots of coastal elements and things special to nobody but me incorporated into our place.

So, without further ado, y’all come on in…

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April 2012 300

The original sad, dark little foyer was tip top on our extensive list.  We brightened it up with a new, custom glass front door, a burlap skirted entry table and painted stairs.  Y’all know what they say about first impressions… (details here).

foyer 1
foyer 2

Living Room

Just off the foyer is the living room – the bright and sunny and frou-frou-ish room used primarily by me! Seriously, the littles only tear through here on their way to somewhere else and Honey doesn’t linger long in a room without a tele. So, it’s my quiet little book reading, wine drinking, girlfriend hanging happy space.  From my grandmother’s name plate to my grandfather’s old movie reel to the feathered balls that graced the dessert table at my very first baby shower, nothing in this room is insignificant to me.  And I just adore that (details here).

living room 1

living room 3

Dining Room

A traditionalist through and through, I insisted on having the wainscoting added before we even moved in the house.  I know, to each her own…  I envisioned the dining room as a dressy little gem of a room enveloped in my favorite shade of blue.  I matched the paint to the silk drapes and went wild with it covering not just the walls but the ceiling too.  We eat “Sunday Supper” in the dining room each week and have hosted loads of family and friends around this table.

dining 1

dining 2


This is where the magic happens, ladies! It’s pretty much in use 24×7 with three hungry males in the house.  Aside from a pair of snake like pendants and an icky ceiling fan, there was almost nothing wrong with the kitchen on move in day!  It was a brand spanking new renovation with top of the line appliances.  I mean, we peeled the plastic off of the dishwasher ourselves for crying out loud!!!  I painted, made the window treatments and added a few decorative touches, but it was really quite lovely from the get go  (details here).

July 2012 113 copy July 2012 162 copy July 2012 145 copy

Mud Room

The last owners of our house installed a laundry room upstairs, in addition to the one right off the kitchen.  And while two laundry rooms sound awfully enticing on laundry Mondays, the allure of bags and jackets smartly organized in a mud room had me all weak in the knees.  We built in a locker for each member of the family and this itsy bitsy room off the garage ended up as the most practical, most used room of the whole house(details here)!

mud room 1


The den is truly the heart of our home.  We painted every square inch of the room and added the fireplace mantle and banquette.  Like the living room, pretty much every item in the space is special to me for one reason or another.  I love that it seats nine adults plus a whole slew of littles piled up on the floor.  Plenty of room for making memories (details here).

den 2

July 2012 282

Powder Room

Unlike in the still untouched master bathroom (that’s waaay too undreamy to share in a Dreamy Dwelling post), we were fortunate to start with a nice sink and good floors in the powder room.  I wallpapered the space from head to toe in toile and think it’s just as pretty as a jewel box now.  Good looks aside, you can only imagine the things that happen in this sweet little room with two little boys…  (details here)

June 2012 308 copy March 2012 542

Play Room

Having a space for the immense quantity of toys and kid things lurking around my house is such a treat!  The littles adore having their own space and I love being able to simply shut the door at the end of a long day.


The baby left his sweet crib this spring for a big boy bed.  *wipes tear from eye*  I’ve just started work on putting together his new room so I thought I’d share the nursery I already miss so much.  (details here)

nursery 1

nursery 2

nursery 3

Boys Bathroom

I put together the boys bathroom right after we moved in using all the stuff I had in the old house.  The space isn’t bigger than a minute but it’s got the essentials and I think it will serve the boys well for years to come.

Guest Suite

This bedroom is my favorite of the lot. I could seriously move down the hall and never look back…I fell in love with the ikat fabric and then put some of my favorite coastal find and creations in the room!  I also just finished decorating the bathroom and cannot wait for my parents to come grace the suite with their presence (and their helping hands) in just about a week!! (details here)

March 2012 327 copy July 2012 219

Boy’s Room

As soon as the baby moved out of his crib, he firmly planted himself right into the extra bed in big brother’s room.  I think this is just as sweet as can be and positively adore listen to them talk and goof off when they know they are supposed to be sleeping.  This room was originally two bedrooms but the previous owners took out the wall and made one large space.  I love that it’s roomy enough not just for the two beds, but to have a play area too!

boys room 1
boys room 2
boys room 3

Master Bedroom

I haven’t done a whole lot in this room yet…this picture was taken from the good angle.  I envision this room as a nest of linen and hope to make more progress on it real soon!

master 1


When we uncovered mold in the basement, we brought in the professionals to have it removed.  And by the time they had finished, the space was pretty un-done!  Honey and I did a complete gut and renovation over the course of a year and on a serious budget.  The boys (all of them…aged 3 to 73) love this space and I know it will be used for many, many years to come!  (details here)

basement 8

basement 1

basement 3

basement 4

basement 5
The bathroom down there was just atrocious when we bought it.  And in a weekend…literally, just a weekend… we worked our fingers to the bone and were left with a clean, fresh, bright bathroom much more suited to our tastes.  Even in my wildest dreams I really  never thought it could look this good.  (details here)

basement 6

basement 7


Our two month old porch addition is undoubtedly the baby of our forty-four year old house but it absolutely my favorite “room” of the lot!  We use this space from sun up till waaaaay past sun down – having coffee, dining, playing games, reading, listening to music, cocktailing, entertaining, roasting s’mores and watching the littles run wild in the yard.  If we had room for a bed we’d be sleeping out here.  (details here)

July 2012 907 copy

July 2012 922 copy

July 2012 936 copy

So, that’s a tour of our place from top to bottom.  I hope y’all enjoyed your visit!  Come say hi over at Dixie Delights any time.  xoxo,  Amanda

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  1. Brooke @ Inside-Out Design says:

    Her house is absolutely gorgeous!! Oh my goodness, she decorates so beautifully. And that porch…I could seriously live on it!

  2. Pat says:

    I love seeing Amanda’s home and the changes they have made. I guess I missed the post re: the wall of photos going to the basement. Love it! I like all the framed photos in the basement too.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. I loved seeing all of these pictures again. And there were a few that I had missed before. Beautiful home with a beautiful design.

  4. debbiedoos says:

    What a gorgeous gorgeous home. So tastefully decorated!

  5. Thanks Aimee for the wonderful feature and thanks to your readers for the sweet comments!! xo

  6. Jenny says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for letting us take a peek around!

  7. Isn’t her home amazing?!!! And her boys are just too cute!

  8. Shannon Fox says:

    It’s all so beautiful! Everything, every room… It’s pretty dang fabulous 😉

  9. FABBY says:

    Amanda’s home is gorgeous, perfectly thought out rooms, each one and lovely decorated. Thank you for this feature, I really enjoyed it very much. Happy weekend.

  10. What a great feature!! I have always LOVED Amanda’s home!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. What a LOVELY tour. Thank you Amanda for sharing your space and thank you Aimee for hosting.