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Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!  You’re going to love this home.  Cristina from Remodelando la Casa is definitely DIY Fabulous!  She loves to build and create something new out of what she already has…she’s in the midst of updating her plain builder’s house into the home of her dreams, a perfect blend of traditional and modern!
I live in Maryland in the Washington D.C. area with my husband and two kids.  Welcome to our home!   A colonial styled house that I’ve been trying to update from the plain builder’s grade quality to a home with the traditional – modern feel that I love!  The front porch is small but I try to dress it up for the seasons.

When you come in the front door you can peek at the kitchen at the far end, to the left you see the small closet that I don’t mind anymore if the door is open, after the design on the wall was painted.

Still there, to the left you’ll find the powder room, and

to the right the family room.  First time showing this room, since I haven’t done anything to it since my pre-blogging days, ten months ago.

So, let’s continue straight ahead to the kitchen, the home’s heart!  The pendant light was chosen to make a focal point when entering the home.  I didn’t like my visitors paying to much attention to the dishwasher that is also visible from that location.

Updating the kitchen was a big diy job, the whole layout stayed the same, the change came by adding mouldings,  painting the cabinets, expanding the island, building the fridge enclosure, range hood, and closing the dusty space above the cabinets.

Well, the changes can be noticed better by looking at the before.

The family room adjoins the kitchen, an area where our family likes to spend most of the time.

Here a TV wall was created and  the fireplace was heightened to make it stand out in this room.

This is the room I keep on changing a lot, maybe because is the one, with the kitchen, that we enjoy the most.   All dress up for Summer:

And for Fall.

A small room, steps away from the kitchen, and like a passageway to the garage is the laundry room.  It was a complete mess without any storage, an eyesore that needed tons of attention.  Reusing two of the left over cabinets from the kitchen, this wall  that looks like a “built in” area was created.

Being that close to the kitchen, a bar area was also included in this small space.  It’s perfect while entertaining, guests can help themselves in here rather than crowding the small kitchen.

Now onto the dining room.

All set up for Fall time.  We don’t use this room as much, this is another room that I haven’t post about, other than table-settings.   I have big plans for it in the future though.

From the dining room we can also get a look at the living room, those two rooms are connected.  At the far right is the main door.  The grey color is carried throughout the house with some pops of red and blue.

Upstairs my kids bathroom was also updated with paint and lots of elbow grease.

A wooden cover was given to the tub to make it look more luxurious, the vanity was painted and the doors removed for a  fresher style, a design was painted on the wall and a shelf for behind the door storage was also built.

My son’s room was temporarily hosting a crib for a little visitor.

 Right now I’m working on my daughter’s room, one of the things she really wanted to have was a window bench, you can come and check how to build this easy bench style.


There are still many rooms I need to work on.  The master bedroom and bath are next in my long list of decorating and improving my home in an easy and economical way.  I hope you stop by and check many  of the projects that can be also done in your own home. Visit Cristina often at Remodelando la Casa.

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  1. Mika says:

    Wow, what a phenomenal job!!!

  2. I love her home!!!!! I was able to see a few new rooms today too!!!

  3. Miss Charming says:

    Such a lovely home. It’s amazing the difference adding moulding makes. (Loved seeing the befores and afters.)

  4. Stacey-Lee says:

    What a beautiful home, thanks for the tour.

  5. Ruth says:

    Wow!!! Amazing changes that have transformed this home!! I love the economical way that it has gone from drab to stylish!!

  6. Pam says:

    Cristina’s home is gorgeous! I love the kitchen remodel, the built in’s, the colors… I could go on and on. Beautiful!


  7. CAS says:

    Wow, her home is beautiful! Thanks so much for letting us have a tour.

  8. Terry says:

    So stunning, so beautiful, so comfortable!

  9. Casandra says:

    Her home is so beautiful and I enjoyed the tour with before/after photos. My absolute favorite is the bath with the wood panel on tub and brilliant idea to remove the vanity doors. Impressive improvements! Thanks for sharing and inspiring,

  10. Sara @ Stay at Beach Mom says:

    I love absolutely everything about this… from the wallpapered coat closet to the interchangeable mantel and the wood cover on the bathtub. I feel so inspired!!

  11. Megan says:

    Cristina is one of my favorite bloggers. Her projects are amazing and her home is full of fun ideas. She is such a sweet person as well! Megan

  12. Kim says:

    Cristina is a DIY diva. I have loved all her projects. She does stuff I have to have my husband do. Her home is beautiful.

  13. Shauna @Satori Design for Living says:

    Such a gorgeous space. Looooove that kitchen!

  14. I LOVE it…got so many great ideas 🙂


  15. FABBY says:

    Oh Christina, how grogeous is your house..every space and room is lovely, you’ve decorated it with such magazine taste and with all your love and thank you for sharing it with us. You are so talented, honey. Big hugs,

  16. Aimee, Thank you so much for having me!

  17. rea says:

    started following her like two weeks ago, when i first visited her blog – it sucked me in…you know the feeling when you start browsing then you keep on browsing!

    i love her house – especially to find out that it was a basic builders home with diy upgrades..