A Couple Cute Outfits for Winter

There are still several more weeks of winter ahead of us.  When it’s cold, I really like being able to dress comfy, but I still want to look put together.  I love how adding tights and leggings can totally change the look of an outfit.  They come in so many different colors and are very versatile.  No nonsense tights and leggings look great with a long sweater, a tunic, a shirtdress, and under a skirt.  In most cases, layers make an outfit look more put together and I think that’s why they’ve become a staple in my wardrobe!

Favorite January Outfit - ItsOverflowing

No nonsense was sweet enough to send me a pair of tights and leggings to try out and after trying them on and loving them…I looked online and came up with these two outfits that are now officially on order!  The nice thing about these tights and leggings is not only are they totally comfortable…they’re affordable and can be easily found at food & drug stores as well as most retail stores, too.

Favorite January Outfit - ItsOverflowing2

What is also pretty cool, is that Jill Martin, who is not only a fashion expert, but Jill is also an Emmy Award-winning T.V. personality and co-author of the New York bestselling style guide “I Have Nothing To Wear!” (She is also the New York correspondent for Access Hollywood), will be the Brand Ambassador and style expert for the No nonsense launch of the new tights and leggings!!

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  1. Erin@ Sweetness Itself Blog says:

    What a lovely blog! I just found your, randomly, and am so happy I did. Love your style.

    Excited to follow along and read more 🙂