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Don’t you just LOVE Dreamy Dwelling Home Tours?!  Gorgeous decor always gets my creative juices flowing.  Kristin blogs at bliss-athome.com and is so sweet to share her Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour with us!  You’re going to fall in love with her amazing style!

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Total Bliss Home Tour

We purchased our home in 2009. Actually, it is the home I grew up in–strange–right? It is a 1950’s 3 bedroom brick ranch. Things that are great about this house–2 big fireplaces, crown moldings, hardwood floors, well-built walls, and a basement as large as the upper floor. Things not so great: Every room needs a major overhaul. Well, we got it at a great price and memories of crackling fires in those great old stone fireplaces were going to become my reality once again. We went into it knowing that every room had to be renovated. So, if you visit my blog you will see us DIY’ing away while trying to balance the craziness of life with two energetic little boys!  When I design a room for my personal space, I have a pretty solid plan of attack. I love high contrast, bold classic patterns with a modern edge, black + white, lots of texture, and a little glamour.

Total Bliss Home Tour

I am a realist though. I have two little boys, and one big boy– my husband, Dave. Let’s face it, boys are messy and rough on a home! I am seriously out-numbered!

Total Bliss Home Tour

I do everything on a budget, and find a lot of good quality furniture pieces by thrifting. That way if something breaks or gets damaged, I don’t sweat it.

Total Bliss Home Tour

The first room we “attacked” was the master bedroom. I know most people wait to do this room last, but with a whole house needing remodeling, the idea of laying our heads down at night in a peaceful beautiful space was too enticing.

Total Bliss Home Tour

I wanted to keep this room soothing and comfortable. We wanted it to feel like we were staying at boutique hotel away from the everyday.

Total Bliss Home TourHome Tour: Total BlissHome Tour: Total BlissHome Tour: Total BlissHome Tour: Total Bliss

Home Tour: Total Bliss

The living room was just really plain. We lived it in a while before we decided how we wanted it to feel and look. It continues to evolve and I still have some tweaking I intend to do to it.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

You are catching us at Christmas time, so excuse the holiday decor. The first thing you see when you enter this room is the giant stone fireplace. I think it’s pretty unique for the era of the house. I made the art on the fireplace. The chairs and table were thrifted. I just made the table over with some metallic silver paint and added mirror glass tiles to the edge.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

Home Tour: Total Bliss

To add some interest and color we painted an accent wall in a deep blue.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

I am also a fan of what I call “classy clutter”. I love to put interesting things on my coffee table. My latest DIY, scented candles, my favorite design book of the moment, and of course a great tray.

Home Tour: Total BlissHome Tour: Total Bliss

We have a wall of windows that makes furniture arrangement a challenge in this room. We have created two main sitting areas. My husband and I spend just about every Saturday by the fire reading the paper and having coffee.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

There is a built-in that my dad installed when he owned this house. I just painted the woodwork to make the stained glass pop. Most the items on there are thrifted.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

The wall opposite the windows has some of my amateur photographs of our boys when they were younger. The table was my Grandma’s and actually is old Zenith TV cabinet. I just made it over with some paint and lacquered it.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

Home Tour: Total Bliss

The entry way has not been tackled yet. The space between the hallway and entryway we fashioned a bar cart out of an old kitchen cart . We needed a space to store items and hang our coats too. That wall I decided to stripe on a whim to define the space more. Let me just say it is tedious work painting stripes on a textured wall!

Home Tour: Total Bliss

Home Tour: Total Bliss

Home Tour: Total Bliss

My favorite space outdoors is by our patio. We spend a lot of time out here when the weather is nice.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

And we still have of plenty of spaces to remodel in our home. Right now we are working on the kitchen and dining area. It is only half way finished but we did manage to have our Christmas Eve dinner in there.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

One of my favorite projects I have done, is the wall art. I found a gray zebra shower curtain at Target and turned it into some large-scale art.
Home Tour: Total Bliss

My husband also built some more coat storage by our back door that leads into the kitchen since that is our main point of entry from the garage.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

I hope you enjoyed our little tour. You can follow our progress at bliss-athome.com. My thanks again to Aimee for inviting me to show you our little place we call home.

Home Tour: Total Bliss

Kristin’s home is absolutely gorgeous, right!  I am always dreaming up new decor ideas after I spend time on her beautiful blog!   You can follow her journey and continue to be inspired often at bliss-at home.com.

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  1. Very nice home tour!

  2. Wow! I absolutely love it! i had to click over from Facebook b/c I have the same bedding set! Awesome to see it played up in a different way, thanks for sharing, her home is beautiful!

  3. Bethany says:

    One word: LOVE!

  4. Jenna says:

    Absolutley beautiful home! The master bedroom is gorgeous! I’m going for a similar look in mine.

    Jenna @ rainonatinroof.com

  5. Jayne says:

    Beautiful home, love the colors and sleek textures:)

  6. Aimee, Thanks so much for featuring our home. It’s not anything grand or even finished at this point, but we try to make it ours. xo Kristin

  7. Kristin’s house is so beautiful! I’ve seen it evolve on her blog but got to see some pictures here that I haven’t seen before. Thanks for sharing!!!

    • Aimee says:

      Sarah…I totally agree! Amazing and inspiring! I’m so thankful Kristin was willing to share her awesome style on my Dreamy Dwelling Series!!!

  8. Maureen home blogger says:

    Lovely work, will definitely be following this. Great inspiration for 2013!

  9. Kim @ Plumberry Pie says:

    Oh, WOW! Thanks for sharing. I love her style. Definitely heading over there so I can follow along. Happy New Year!

  10. Shannon Fox says:

    What an elegant color palette! Love the pops of metallic too. So chic!!

  11. Christina @ Floridays Mom says:

    What a great tour..thanks for sharing Kristen’s tour with us Aimee (btw, I apologize, I am pretty sure I referred to you as “Amy” in my last comment) I’m for sure going to check out Kirsten’s blog to see more! Take Care!

  12. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for the tour everything is just beautiful.


  13. Aimee I love this feature! So fun to see others fixing up an old house!