Spring Fever Already

It’s been an unseasonably warm winter here.  While chatting with my sister tonight, I told her I was so tempted to start my garden already.  She gave me a good reality check…it’s January…we will have more freezes…not time yet!  What can I say?!  I totally have Spring Fever and it’s not helping that Target’s Winter Catalog has some stinkin’ cute room decor inspiration!  I’m telling you it’s all calling my name, every bit of it!  I am so ready for some Spring Decorating!  I still don’t have a sunburst mirror.  Need it…right!?  Upholstered basket ottoman with wood top…Perfect!  And how brilliant to let everyone in the family choose a color and then using colored ribbons to help identify everyone’s stash.  Love it!  I have a thing for labels!


And then I saw this kitchen and I totally decided I need that cookie jar!  It’s calling my name.  It’s 9:45pm and I’d be grabbing my keys and running out the door in my PJs, but after looking online, and recollecting past visits, I think it may be a prop.  Have you seen it at your Target!?  Tell me I’m wrong!  My pantry needs four more cabinet knobs and it’s finished.  I’ve cleared my counter tops into the pantry and I’m loving all the room for actual cooking.  This cookie jar would be the perfect splash of color!

Kitchen, yellow and coral

And these plates…I was thinking about adding a couple to the wall above my kitchen table, but I may be doing some crafting with them, too!  This would be awesome on my entry table so friends had a spot to drop keys and such…hmmm…I love a DIY project, especially a simple one like this.  (I’ll be using hot glue to adhere…that’s just how I roll…me and my glue gun are besties).


Want to see more cuteness, aka why Stud wants to band me from Target until they switch out their merchandise!?!  First let’s start with the vases…yes I have an addiction, but I’m kind of okay with that!

ItsOverflowing Loves This

Aqua Vase – Target

ItsOverflowing Loves This

Coral Vase – Target

Stoneware Canister with Chalkboard Label

Stoneware Canister with Chalkboard Label – Target

X Slat Office Desk - WhiteAnd this is the style of desk I’m thinking about for in my room….something small and quaint, but definitely useable – Target!  I could go on and on…there are a ton of cute pillows and some frames that come with backing that look like great wall art.  Patterns are everywhere and I obviously have a thing for color right about now.  What about you!?!  Dreaming of gardening, open windows, and fun pops of color!?  Which colors are you loving for Spring!?!  Give me the scoop and tempt me with your ideas so walking away from all these fun finds isn’t quite as difficult!  OR…if you’re feeling it too…let’s meet at Target and go crazy together!  Any takers!?!?  Wink…Wink!?!

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  1. Maddie Davis says:

    I love Target, as well and I think our husbands have a Vulcan Mind Meld going because he limits my Target time. Oh well at least he lets me go. BTW great blog

  2. Brenda says:

    Cookie jar on $ale this week….

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Aimee… I’m winking already:) I feel as though this season we all need to be brightening up our homes to compensate for all the dull stuff happening around us right now. The images used in your post are also very well taken, and taking photos is another way to brighten up our lives. I’ve added your RSS feed to my Google reader, and look forward to your next post. All the best, Mike

  4. Shauna @Satori Design for Living says:

    Totally digging it, too, girl! We are getting Target stores in Canada very soon- so exciting!

  5. Amanda says:

    I’ve seen the cookie jar at my Target as well. I’m hoping the white chalk board jars go on sale soon- I love them! I did find very similar ones (a much smaller version) at Michael’s the other day for $3.99. They are so cute and match the larger Target versions really well.

  6. I LOVE Target too!! I always leave Target with way more than I planned to get. They just always have new, amazing stuff!! And I really think they have that cookie jar!!!

  7. michelle @ this little light says:

    It was at my Target as of a few days ago, and it’s adorable. Don’t stop looking … you’ll find one!

  8. Lydia Wagner says:

    I need those canisters…I need them!

  9. You have me drooling 🙂

  10. I love all the vibrant colors! Blessings, Tammy

  11. Diana says:

    Love the canisters with colored lids. I love color it makes me happy!

  12. Cranberry Morning says:

    Our Target is a safe hour away from us.:-) I think Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams has me hooked on turquoise. Such a cheery color!

  13. Gail says:

    Don’t you just hate it when you see something that you like and it’s no longer available? A lot of times magazines will show items at stores that have been discontinued even before the article comes out. If you see something at Target that you like – RUN to the nearest store or go online, cause the “shelf life” is very limited! Go Target!!!

  14. i’m in totalLUV with that green grass linen looking wall paper – i want that info!! as far as the cookie jar it looks so similar to the canisters the only thing different is the label but alas i havent seen it at mine either. maybe it was their “inspiration” piece for the canisters??

  15. Joyce says:

    Such happy colors! We all love target!