How to Simplify Life (Printables)

How to Simplify Life!?!  When I shared a wrap up of 2013, my speechless year I told you I had claimed 2014 as a year of simplicity.  I also shared a verse that is near and dear to my heart, 1 Thessalonians 4:11, ‘Make it your ambition and definitely endeavor to live quietly and peacefully, to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands.’  While I cannot control the circumstances of this year, I want to purposely live in pursuit of peace and simplicity in all areas of my life.  As I’ve brainstormed what that looks like, I wanted to include a visual aid in case any of you are coming off an eventful year and want to join me in seeking out ways to streamline life and create more opportunities for peace — personally, with family, and in the home.  Feel free to make an 8×10 print of any of the below quotes by using the link below each picture and check out more of my favorite Get It Organized ideas — here.

How to Simplify Life @ItsOverflowing

  1. Know Who You Want to Be.  I want to serve my family — to overflow with love for God, my hubby, my sweeties, and my friends — to be like my mom who selflessly gives behind the scenes, never needing recognition or praise, but always looking for ways to support each of us.  I want to be confident of who I am and not waste time on self doubt, allowing me more time to enjoy life!
  2. Know How to Say No.  Saying no to good offers in order to be available to serve in areas of specific calling shows maturity and great wisdom.
  3. Shop Smart.  Save for big purchases that make a big impact instead of purchasing small items that will be tossed aside in a short time seems obvious in hindsight.  Develop the ability to be proactively reflective.
  4. Don’t Aim for Perfect.  Only ONE lived a perfect life here on earth.  Pursue accepting grace and offering it freely to others!
  5. Label Very Specific.  A well run home is important to me — I’ve found the more I label specifically — the more I’m able to delegate.  I’ll be grabbing my Sharpies and Chalk Pens often this year.
  6. Don’t Keep What You Don’t Need.  I have lived in many different sizes of homes and there is a common theme — no matter the square footage, there isn’t room for baggage.  I want to be diligent about passing on what I don’t need so others can enjoy it.
  7. Separate Heart from Things.  Take a moment each day to think about whether you are connected and tuned into others, the benefits are never-ending.  “Things” will never offer such fulfillment.
  8. Clean as You Go.  How do you keep up with your house!?!  Keep on cleaning — we’ve all learned by now a house doesn’t clean itself.
  9. Pursue Simplicity.  I can’t emphasize this enough – in work, in play, in decor, in clothing, in a family’s activities, in purchases, when entertaining, when disciplining — too much is always too much!
  10. Plan with Detail.  Goals are accomplished by taking a big idea and breaking it apart into manageable pieces.  This applies to so many areas in life — budget, parties, cleaning, cooking, schedules, etc.  My planning notebook is by my side at all times!
  11. Seek Quality Over Quantity.  Living in the land of plenty, it is a definite challenge to keep true to seeking quality over quantity – both in material and relational pursuits.  The baby steps I’ve taken in this direction have been so rewarding, as I pursue simplicity in 2014, this will definitely be my focus.


Know Who You Want to Be.


Know How to Say No.


Shop Smart.


Don’t Aim for Perfect.


Label Very Specific.


Don’t Keep What You Don’t Need.


Separate Heart from Things.


Clean as You Go.


Pursue Simplicity.


Plan with Detail.


Don’t Delay.


Seek Quality Over Quantity.

My loves, we have so much to be thankful for and so much to enjoy.   Let’s remember to soak in what is truly important and not get distracted by the clutter of life.  Happy 2014!

Happy New Year Mantel @ItsOverflowing

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  1. Granmama says:

    I had been looking at various blogs, looking to see if anyone’s word for 2014 was the same as mine and then I found you! Simplicity is my word also and has been since January 1! Will be coming back to read and see how you are simplifying your life. I am amazed at how just thinking that word and the wonderful Bible verse “Be still and know that I am God.” Has impacted my life already this year. Thanks and Happy New Year!

  2. Jenna says:

    Thanks Aimee, words to live by for sure

  3. Diane says:

    I would love a sample of your planning notebook as a How-to kick-starter! Thanks!

  4. I love all of this. Particularly don’t keep what you don’t need. I spent last month dropping off a lot of stuff at Goodwill. I am determined to only have things I need and like in my home.

  5. Barb B says:

    Thanks so much for the reminder. Having just finished radiation treatments my 2013 year was hard to say the least. I am so hopeful for 2014 and everything you talked about is important to me. Starting a fresh new year is my reward for winning the breast cancer war. AMEN

  6. Jane B says:

    Excellent post and worth reading over and over; thanks!

  7. I’ve been studying in 1 Thessalonians since the day after Christmas, and this post is an appropriate reminder of how to live out what I’m learning! My word for 2014 is Less, and part of that is definitely simplicity. Thanks for sharing this!