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Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!  Alison from Deuce Cities Henhouse is sharing how she updated her beautiful 100 year old home in the heart of Minneapolis, MN while preserving it’s character!  I’m pretty sure Alison is going to become your new best friend — her style is UH-MAZING!!

Vintage Modern House Tour - 14

…I share my beautiful 100 year old home with my her husband and two boys.  I’m a Midwest girl through and through.  I’m a big believer in DIY and have been updating the house in layers while learning a lot over the last four years.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Cole Chair in the Living Room

My 1910 four-square style home often dictates the path my design style takes, I have to incorporate my own aesthetic while preserving the character of this old home.  We have lots of dark-stained quarter sawn oak woodwork throughout the main floor of our house, I have to resist the urge to paint it white on an annual basis.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Dark Teal Living Room

Deuce Cities Henhouse - New Andre Sofa in the Living Room

The woodwork has a beautiful patina and age to it, and I do my best to incorporate its age into the design of the home – I do feel like I am the care taker of the home and I need to honor the parts of it that are original. Because of that, I often times refer to my style as “Vintage Modern” although I feel like’s its evolving and maturing a little bit these days, either that or I’m just gettin’ old.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Dining Room with Oak Woodwork

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Bar

Deuce Cities Henhouse -  Record Room
My husband and I are a little obsessed with music. It’s been really important to both of us in our lives. We have a room off the back of the dining room that we have dedicated as the “music room”.  It’s a home for our piano, my husband’s guitars and our growing record collection.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Music Room

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Music Room

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Desk

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Updating the Kitchen with open shelving
I recently took on the project of modernizing my century-old kitchen while maintaining its charm and history. The project took me 12 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I blogged bi-weekly about my progress, and you can find all the details over here. The biggest struggles I faced in the kitchen were it’s awkward layout and lack of function. I was at my wits’ end with a cheap copper-ish backsplash that was originally installed.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Updating the Kitchen with new cabinets and open shelving

Removing it became the inspiration for the kitchen makeover. It was the first thing to go and I replaced all of it with white subway tile and dark grout. Once I started tiling I couldn’t stop moving on to the mudroom located in the back of the kitchen. The corner pictured above was especially weird – there is a chimney and cove space, and I was beyond confused as to what to do with it.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Updating a century old kitchen with subway tile and paint

I was able to add cabinetry and open shelving to the space and it is now functional and pretty! I am beyond pleased with the results and I can now proudly say that “I love my kitchen”!

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Mudroom

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Gray and Yellow Nursery

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Gray and Yellow Nursery

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Grey and Yellow Nursery

Deuce Cities Henhouse -  Black and White Nursery

Vintage Modern House Tour - 06

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Bed Side Table with Pink Dipped Leg

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Oeuf Bunkbed in the boys room
Our boys just started bunking together. We are in the process of merging all their stuff into one space, updating the space and making it functional for both of them. They love having bunk beds. Who wouldn’t?

Vintage Modern House Tour

We live in Minneapolis where it’s cold here 8 months out of the year. When the warm weather comes we soak it up, every second of it! During the spring, summer and fall we basically live on the front porch. It is our favorite place in the whole world. We recently added a table and chairs for cards and games. Plus we eat all our meals on the front porch or in the backyard whenever we can.

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Four Square Front Porch

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Urban Cabin Front Porch

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Garden

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Minneapolis Garden

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Garden

Deuce Cities Henhouse

Deuce Cities Henhouse - Dark Blue House

Amazing, don’t you think!  Are you like me, totally wanting a century-old house now!?!  Keep up on the latest at Deuce Cities Henhouse.

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  1. Ericka says:

    I love how she talked about keeping the dark wood and not painting it. I have an older home and I often struggle with if I should paint the dark wood white…I think I need to do what she did and work with it!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home tour!

  2. Petra says:

    What a lovely home (and garden) – so many interesting pieces; Alison certainly has good taste and her home looks so inviting 🙂

  3. cassie says:

    HOLYWOW!!!! thank you for the intro! i am in love with this home!

  4. What a beautiful and fun house. So many wonderful ideas.

  5. Kari @ the Sweetest Memory says:

    What a lovely home! Such lovely inspiration around every corner. The kitchen is amazing, and I am jealous of her wood built-in’s! Thanks for sharing. Kari

  6. Aimee, thanks for sharing! Alison, Your home is GORGEOUS! We have similar tastes and I also live in Minneapolis. I can totally relate to porch love! 🙂


  7. Diana says:

    So much to look at! I think the lights on the porch is a nice touch. The yellow and white quilt is fab, along with that old aqua radio. That old school desk is great too. It goes to show it is the decor that makes a house a home and personal.

  8. what a great home tour! So many great decorating ideas to “steal”!! Thanks for sharing!

    • Aimee says:

      I totally agree Cheryl! Alison is CRAZY talented and her home is gorgeous!
      XO, Aimee