Little Girl Bedroom Updates

Ready for more Little Girl Bedroom Updates!?!  When we first moved into our home, this was Little B’s room.  It’s a bright, good-sized room, but something about it just didn’t seem right.  So I waited to unpack for way too long!

Unpacking Bedroom @ItsOverflowing

This room was the only bedroom that faced the front of the house and I really wanted more privacy for her — a funny request for someone who moved from a very urban area to a much more rural area!

Unpacking Bedroom 2 @ItsOverflowing

Then I got the brilliant idea to move the boys up into the playroom.  Actually, they helped me get the idea by leaving a trail of toys between their bedroom and the playroom (rooms that are at opposite ends of the house).

Unpacking Bedroom 3 @ItsOverflowing

I thought about making this Little B’s room initially, but because of the awesome closet, I settled it within myself to let the boys share this room when we first moved into our home.

Unpacking Bedroom 4 @ItsOverflowing

When the boys got the boot, this room sat empty for a day and then Moni and Pa came into town to see our new house and bring us a queen sized mattress for our guest room!  Thanks Moni and Pa!

Blue Bedroom @ItsOverflowing

Blue Bedroom 2 @ItsOverflowing

A blank palette — totally ready for some love!

Blue Bedroom 3 @ItsOverflowing

One of the biggest perks in moving the boys upstairs was an awesome storage closet for seasonal decor!

Blue Bedroom 4 @ItsOverflowing

I started making plans to add shelves to this closet, until —

Blue Bedroom 5 @ItsOverflowing

I attempted to organize Little B’s closet which is large, but has a difficult layout.

Unpacking Bedroom 5 @ItsOverflowing

It’s a dark, narrow closet that just doesn’t seem to work with her toy/clothes combo.

Unpacking Bedroom 6 @ItsOverflowing

Unpacking Bedroom 7 @ItsOverflowing

Shoes must be stored high so the American Girl Dolls can each have a room of their own.

Unpacking Bedroom 8 @ItsOverflowing

Recognize these storage baskets from her old room — that room was so organized — I miss it!

Unpacking Bedroom 9 @ItsOverflowing

Girls Closet 1 @ItsOverflowing

I like to keep a few old baby toys in her closet so cousins and little friends have girly toy options when they visit.

Girls Closet 2 @ItsOverflowing

After a long attempt at making this closet work, I decided I would have to break the news to Stud — we needed to do one more room swap — Little B and the Guest Room needed to switch and then I would be totally done with room swapping!

Painting Gray Owl @ItsOverflowing

He gave me an enormous sigh, then sweetly went to work painting Little B’s room with me — More Gray Owl.

Organizing Little Girls Room @ItsOverflowing

I’ll show you lots of progress in Little B’s room, tomorrow!!!


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  1. Hi Aimee,
    this is such a fantastic work and it seems like spring is living in your bedroom.
    All the best from Austria

  2. Looking forward to seeing the updates.

  3. JL says:

    Just wondering if you could share where you purchased your daughter’s bed, I love it!

    • Aimee says:

      Of course I don’t mind sharing! 🙂 I bought it at JCPenney, but didn’t see it when I just looked online. Maybe in-store!?!? Thanks for your sweet comment! XO, Aimee

  4. I would love to be able to decorate, hell today I would love to be able to move without massive amount of pain

  5. Kelly says:

    How sad to give u that awesome closet, but for a good reason. And you still have a closet for home deocr stuff! Cant wait to see her new room!