Bold Design House Tour – Novogratz

Happy Friday!!!  It’s time for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour.   I am a huge fan of Cortney & Bob Novogratz’s design — totally love the beach home they recently listed on the Washington coast.   Let’s look around this bold design with great functionality and start our weekend inspired!

Bold Design House Tour

How about a little real life to start things off — six kids really live here!  I love that this room offers lots of open space to make it very functional.  And the the orange chair sculpture adds a bit of whimsy!

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 18

 Nothing like riding bikes through a beach town!  I think I need to get a can of spray paint and make my bike a little more fun.

Bold Design House Tour

 Speaking of fun, a monochromatic kitchen with perfect pops of color.

Bold Design House Tour 2

 I love the flooring and open shelving, but oh my gosh, I think my major obsession is that range.

Bold Design House Tour - Novogratz

 Design 101 — Matchy or Not!?!  Um, I’m thinking not.  Don’t you think it’s fabulous how the bar stools are different from the table chairs — CB2 chairs.  And the island pendants are similar, but each have their own shape.  And the gray in the shades doesn’t match the upholstered gray in the table chairs!?!  A simple background with lots of unexpected.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 07

I’m guessing there are six kids that absolutely love their parents dining room design —

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 04

 I think this may be the most elegant pool table I’ve ever seen  — love that chandelier.

Bold Design House Tour - love the chandelier

My favorite piece in this room — the coffee table.  It’d be pretty cute with my white couch and pink pillows.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 05

 The classic style of trim combined with the contemporary blue accents totally works.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 09

 A huge rug in neutral and neutral bedding combined with a bold purple wall, chandelier, and shades.   Its easy to buy a lot of little pieces and the room still doesn’t feel decorated.  This room is all about 1. less is more and 2. go big or go home.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 10

 I adore this bathroom — natural wood counter-top and trim combined with a mini chandelier.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 11

 This room is one of my favorites — all the patterns and colors totally work, right!  And I think it’s the gold globe lights from the couple’s CB2 collection that pulls it all together.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 12

 Okay a little more of this room because I love it so much —

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 13

 And another fabulous bathroom —

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 14

 And just in case you get insecure about matching your decor, here’s another room to stretch your creativity a bit.  Do you have stripes in your house!?  I need them, but haven’t decided where.

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 15

Unbelievable, right!

Novogratz-Beach-Home - 16

And in case you didn’t fall in love already — a cozy fire pit for breezy beach nights.   Listed for about three million on Windermere.

Bold Design House Tour - Novogratz

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  1. Mindy says:

    Thanks for a peek into this fun space. I have to admit that my favorite is the outdoor fireplace with a view of the ocean…Wondering if this is possibly Seabrook?

  2. Deb says:

    I love the way the Novogratz design! they are just so unique and out of the box in everything they do!


  3. Jenna says:

    I did love the uncluttered look which made all the crazy choices and colors work, but I still question that 8 people actually live there, there wasn’t any personal “stuff.” It looks a little like a museum to me…

    • Aimee says:

      They’ve flipped so many. I bet they started working on a new home and emptied this one before it went on the market. 🙂 I wish I could have had the luxury!!!