New Fabric for My Piano Bench

The other day Little B and I went to Hobby Lobby in search of New Fabric for My Piano Bench.  As much as I like white, this seat is not machine washable and after many years of use, its looking overly loved.  Time for a quick DIY update! 

New Fabric for My Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing

Above, did you notice the WiFi booster plugged in by the piano?  Read why I love it (here).  Now back to that piano update — before heading out, I measured the bench — it takes 5/8 of a yard of my favorite fabric(s).  We had trouble limiting it to a couple — so we picked up a some of my favorites and some of Little B’s favorites — a total of five to bring home and try in the room.  Lucky day, fabrics were on sale!

Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 2



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 3



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 6



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 5



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 4



Hobby Lobby Fabrics @ItsOverflowing 7

I have my favorite and Little B has hers — which fabric do you think works best in the living room!?!  Small print or large print?  Cream, White, Black, or Gray?  Opinions!?!?

Tall Upright Piano @ItsOverflowing 2

On the couch I still have my light pink pillow covers, but they won’t be staying long — I’m ready for a change!!!  They’ll make an appearance again around Easter.

IKEA Ektorp Sofas @ItsOverflowing

Okay, one last time — which is your favorite fabric for my piano bench!?!  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Hobby Lobby Fabrics @ItsOverflowing

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  1. Gerri says:

    I love your style and I love the fabric’s you pick. Where do you go to find them?

    • Aimee says:

      Thanks Gerri! Time has been lacking lately so I made one stop at Hobby Lobby and found all of these fabrics!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Tricia says:

    One and two!

  3. #2!

  4. Linda C in Seattle says:

    Love the design of # 3.

  5. I am liking #4 (but I bet Little B chose #1!)

  6. Tiffany says:


  7. Why not do a slip cover in white for the piano bench that way you can always take it off and wash it. if not #2 and #4 is nice it matches your pillow, rug and wall color.

  8. Melody says:

    I like 4.

  9. Cindy says:

    #1. Butterflies all the way.

  10. Pamela Bolton says:

    #2 or #4, in that order.

  11. Tracy says:

    Love the #5. Very classy.

  12. 5!! I think it transitions the the dark on the piano bench and the dark stain on the piano nicely. And now I “need” to see if my Hobby Lobby has that print as well, lol…

  13. Heidi says:

    I have always really liked #3 when I’ve seen it on pillows, but I think #4 looks best on your piano bench.

  14. As much as I love a Greek Fret I’m going to have to say 2 for this space! 🙂

  15. Lori says:


  16. 2nd matches the rug and pillows better than others but I personally liked 5th one which is the most interesting fabric among all.

  17. valarie says:


  18. Katja | Shift Ctrl Art says:

    Number 2 hands down.

  19. pam h. says:


  20. Teresa says:

    2 is my first choice -second choice

  21. Stephanie says:

    #4 would be my first choice, followed by #5. They are all pretty options though!

  22. I like #3.

  23. Marybeth says:


  24. Victoria Bonnett says:


  25. Jennifer says:


    #5 was my first choice just looking at the fabric. But, when I saw them with the piano and bench, I quickly changed to #4!

  26. Angela says:

    #2 looks awesome! #4 is my 2nd choice. 😉

  27. #4! Use #4!

  28. Sallie says:

    #5- it makes me think of musical notes!

  29. I will say 4 ! It looks so natural with the piano with it, and match your walls

    I am curious what u have decided

  30. Kathleen says:

    I like #5 it goes well with the rug and does’t compete.

  31. I have an old piano very similar to that! 🙂 The bench didn’t come with fabric though. So the grand kids just banged it up a bit more than it already was 🙂

  32. Leila says:


  33. krista says:


  34. Cheri says:

    I like #2 or #4. Good luck.

  35. SM Edens says:

    # 5 — not trendy like the others 🙂

  36. Donna says:

    I like #5

  37. I like #5 the best but they’re all great! 🙂

  38. Diana says:

    Aimee, I like # 4 it blends best with the rug and pillows on the sofa.

  39. Aimee says:

    You both liked #3?!? Is that right Lydia?!?

  40. They are all so pretty, but for the piano bench, I really like the butterflies or number three. I enjoyed looking through some of your posts today, this is the first time I have visited “It’s overflowing”, from House of Rose link party and I will be sure to check back again soon! 🙂

  41. pamela murphy says:

    Love #2 & 3 🙂

  42. Lydia Wagner says:

    I’m pretty sure Anna & I picked the best one!! 😉

  43. Nicole says:

    I’m feeling like the second one is the winner – I love that it is similar to your area rug without being the same – and the scale being large on a small piece makes it fun.

    that’s my 2 cents for you! but, I’ll say that really, there is no wrong answer!

  44. Brandi says:


  45. Denise says:

    #2 is my fav!!

  46. Ralinn says:

    2 and 4. I “think” two ties in better with the rug. I don’t think 1 or 5 work well. I could be wrong. Could you make a slip cover instead and change it out periodically? That way you and B can both have your choice.

  47. Phyllis says:

    Love love love #2

  48. Hilary says:

    I love the butterflies! The black and white is so graphic and unique!

  49. Mary Langford says:

    The grey would match the rug and would not clash with other accents in the room such as your pillows, books, lamps and decor. Anything “loud” may be a problem in the future.

  50. Love #5! Brings the lightness of the room and the dark wood of the piano together. Such a cute living room!

  51. Betty says:

    Five! Hands down!

  52. nan, odessa, DE says:

    Number 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444

    Keep going with the rug colors. You will change many things about this room but the rug, NOT AS OFTEN!

  53. Lisa Archer says:

    I like 4. I think it blends with your other colors and patterns.

  54. Patty says:

    Number 2…sofa pillows in same fabric!

  55. Jane B says:

    1st choice is #1 the butterflies! That choice adds a little pop and a surprise to the room so I just love it. I’m betting a dime that is your B’s favorite too 😉
    I know you didn’t ask, but my 2nd choice would be #5…

  56. Nancy says:

    My choice would be 2. Fresh and updated look.

  57. Sandy says:

    I love five with the dark wood of the piano.

  58. I love the butterflies!! So sweet and simple.