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I love my home, but one of the first things I noticed when we moved in was that it was really lacking storage.  Slowly Stud and I have been working on that little issue.  One little issue was Stud’s shoes.  He doesn’t have a ton, but enough that they had to stack on top of each other.  I’m not a big fan of the cluttered look so I asked Stud for some help creating a Shoe Storage Solution – lots more ideas here.

Shoe Storage Solution @ItsOverflowing

This fix took about a half an hour (still need to paint) and put a crazy big smile on my face — that first pic still stresses me out a bit!  We screwed 3 inch strips of MDF  into the studs along a stretch of closet wall that wasn’t being used.  And then added more 3 inch strips on either side.  We topped the supports with a MDF board, aka Stud’s Shoe Shelf!!!

DIY Shoe Shelf @ItsOverflowing 2

It’s amazing how much room you can create with shelving!  We could have made another shelf, but Stud doesn’t have all that many shoes so this will work for now.  I’ve heard it said before — if it takes more than a few seconds to find anything in your home — it’s time to sort out the disorder!  Stud was taking a while to find matches (one shoe was always buried).  Not anymore!

DIY Shoe Shelf @ItsOverflowing 4

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  1. What a great idea and yet so simple! I do believe shoes are a big issue for everyone! I ended up with plastic storage crates that shoes got plopped into except the good ones that are stored in their own containers in the bedroom closet.

  2. I wish I had somewhere to put a shelf like this. With eight children in our home shoe storage is always a problem. For now I’ve settled on baskets by the front door. They’re still a mess, but at least they’re a contained mess.

  3. Oh, we need this in our hall ! I actually like your idea of shelves instead of the standard once from the stores!

  4. Its so much better having shoes on shelves isnt it!
    We converted our hallway cupboard into a shoe cupboard by installing shelves inside top to bottom, I have about 5 shelves and my partner has 1 …. thats fair right 🙂

  5. Our closets need some organizing too. This looks great.