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I am so excited to share the makings of my dream kitchen with you!  You may remember a year ago we moved to the Dallas area after realizing middle school was fast approaching and Fort Worth schools weren’t meeting our kids educational needs.  We did a ton of research and landed in a tiny bedroom community that we have adored from day one — the new school included.  Our house sold so fast making the hardest part of the process, finding a home that we would love.

Kitchen Remodel Plans @ItsOverflowing

After moving every couple of years we were ready to find a ‘forever’ home.  I shared our top three home options with you and then revealed the one we picked — the house with an awesome location, a gorgeous lot, and a great floor plan, but also, the one with horrible paint colors and a kitchen that almost made me cry!  Quickly after moving in, we began painting and it made a huge difference!  About a month after the move, I drew the first rough draft of my ‘dream kitchen’ plans.  After many changes, these are the kitchen plans I copied and gave to the contractors we interviewed — nothing fancy, just my thoughts roughly sketched out on paper.

Wall that Used to be Shared with Wet Bar.


Kitchen Plan Drawing @ItsOverflowing


Island – Side Facing Fridge.


Kitchen Design Plan @ItsOverflowing


Island – Side Facing Family Room.


Kitchen Island Plans @ItsOverflowing


 Wall of Cabinets Surrounding Refrigerator.


Kitchen Layout Ideas @ItsOverflowing

Goals for My Dream Kitchen —


1.  Create a better traffic flow by getting rid of the angled wall.

2.  Replace the breakfast bar with a large island.

3.  Allow more light into the kitchen by opening wall to more windows.

4.  Increase visibility of the backyard from the kitchen.

5.  Replace desk and wet bar for storage cabinets.

6. Change the depth of upper cabinets to 15 inches



Creating My ‘Dream Kitchen.’


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  1. Dee says:

    Could I get your (or your readers) opinion on moving to the Dallas area? My husband may be transferred to Coppell, Tx and we have no idea which community to begin a real estate hunt. Where are some areas that have that “bedroom community” feel that you described? We can fan out in any direction from Coppell. We would rather stay in or under the $300K range if possible because it won’t be a permanent move and we don’t want to buy something that we can’t resell easily when we retire in a few years. We want good schools, low crime, and neighbors that take pride in their homes. Any suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Maybe I’m not reading these plans correctly, but it appears the sink is at the left end of the counter with no counter space on the left hand side? Our kitchen has a setup similar to that and it is very difficult doing any dishes by hand (large items that don’t fit in the dw, fragile items etc). Washing large amounts of produce is also challenging. Could you possibly switch the dw and sink? Just my own $.02 as we consider renovating our kitchen to eliminate that problem.

    • Aimee says:

      You’ve got a great eye!!! Caught that at the last minute and changed it up just as you suggested!!! XO, Aimee

  3. Can’t wait to see the changes! Glad that the contractors came back and it sounds like they are working.

  4. kelli says:

    loving these plans and so excited to see it come about. My kitchen needs an update an have been on pinterest looking for ideas and its so overwhelming.

  5. Diana says:

    Oh my Aimee, this is a big change. I can’t wait to follow the changes, hope I can keep up…..Smile.