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Another weekend passes and our drawer pulls continue to be masking tape makeshift strips.  Ugh!  It’s getting old, but in five more weeks, baseball season will be on break and I’m crossing my fingers that Stud will get back to checking off my honey do list!  So what does a girl do when her incredibly handy hubby isn’t available?!  Find easy projects she can do herself!!!  My latest DIY project made a dark and gloomy unlit closet useful!

DIY Add Closet Lights @ItsOverflowing

I love peeking through Sunday ads and this week at Aldi I found something that I had to try.  Add Closet Lights – auto on, auto off, no wires!!!  I knew two areas in my house that needed this badly, the boys upstairs closet and my pantry!  Using two screws and two AA batteries, I added it right above the door frame on the inside of the pantry and every time I open the door and stick my hand inside it automatically turns on and after thirty seconds without motion, the light turns back off.

Easy DIY - Add Pantry Light @ItsOverflowing

The pantry could probably use another light on the lower half, but this is plenty bright for my late night snacking!!!  The boys closet light is working great, too.  I don’t know if you’ve figured out a way to get your boys to turn off lights, but in my house auto off is saving a ton of carpet wear and tear from me.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Genius! Thanks for the tip