Fun Finds for the Kitchen

Wednesday mornings I attend BSF and usually spend the afternoon shopping — if Stud asks, Browsing!  Today was a little different, I rushed home from my study because my boys had an early dismissal.  Is there really a point to sending them when they need to be picked up by 11:45!?!  They were totally stoked about their free afternoon — I’ll be honest, I was too!  We’ve played a little basketball, rode bikes, played checkers, and had a little dance freeze competition.  Wednesdays are also Little B’s dance days so after picking her up at usual time we came home and did a little homework and then headed out the door at the same time that Stud showed up and took the boys to their baseball practices.  Everything wrapped up at the same time and we enjoyed dinner together around our kitchen table.  I can handle busy when the day ends with us together.  Now at my computer sipping on a cup of Chai Latte — who needs sleep — I thought I’d share with you a few of my recent purchases.  I’m a planner friends, I knew my Wednesday shop time wouldn’t happen this week so I planned ahead and took some time to look around last weekend.  My Fun Finds this week were for the Kitchen!

World Market Marble Lazy Susan @ItsOverflowing 2

I showed you my easy chalkboard art the other day — I’m loving it.  I’ve had the boxwood wreath for a long time, but it’s found a new home.  The wreath hanging here with some Fall ribbon distracts my eye from the trim that should be on the vent hood and the backsplash that still isn’t complete.  We’ll get it done one of these days, along with the drawer pulls, and a fall hand towel while I’m at it.  Details.  I don’t want to wait to share until everything is perfect because that’s never going to happen.  So I’m embracing the progress each step of the way!

Kitchen Wreath @ItsOverflowing

These Panera Bread Pumpkin Muffins are the best EVER!!!  All of us are still dreaming about them!  I’ll try and post the recipe soon.

Panera Bread Pumpkin Muffins @ItsOverflowing

The little porcelain pumpkin was a fun HomeGoods find, long ago.

Kitchen Wreath @ItsOverflowing 2

 And so was the oil and vinegar, the little glass votive holder, and the cute planter that Little B embellished with Sharpie long ago.

World Market Marble Lazy Susan @ItsOverflowing

This weekend in between my favorite stores, Little B and I stopped off for lunch at Central Market.  I was totally obsessed with the cute little salt and pepper shakers on each table.  I checked to see if they sold them to the public, but that wasn’t an option.  Next stop Target, we looked for some clothing that would work for Halloween costumes and bought some shampoo.  Then taking a quick trip down the home decor and kitchen aisles, Little B squealed.  Look Mommy!  The ones you were looking for — and in her hand my little jewels!  They’re found here, too — Salt & Pepper Shaker Set.  (The overview kitchen pictures above show before upgrading to these beauties).

Cute Salt and Pepper Shakers @ItsOverflowing

And it’s all nestled on a stinking cute Lazy Susan made of White Marble from World Market.

Decorating Marble Counters @ItsOverflowing

Can I just say, I think my Wednesday shopping trips fail miserably compared to shopping with my little buddy this weekend!!!  What fun finds have you found lately!?!


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  1. Great finds for your new kitchen, Aimee!