Kiss for a Kiss – Countdown to Christmas

This time of year is busy, right!!!  Have you made a list!?!  Are you checking things off!?!  After a week off of school and a whole lot of playing over the Thanksgiving break, I’m trying to get caught up!  Before the kids headed back to school they helped me set up their countdown to Christmas jars.  We’ve counted down to Christmas lots of different ways and this year, I’m using my neighbor’s brilliant countdown idea!  It’s so easy and so fun!

Countdown to Christmas @ItsOverflowing

To make these you will need a mason jar, Chalkboard Labels, and chalk.  Simple Tip:  To make it even more fun, fill the jars with Hershey Kisses and require a kiss for a kiss each night through the month of December!!!  Sweet memories like these will be treasured forever and carried into the next generation!!!

Countdown to Christmas @ItsOverflowing 2

This year we’re also going through Ann Voskamp’s book,

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: A Family Celebration of Christmas

Ann Voskamp - Unwrapping the Greatest Gift

What are your favorite ways to Countdown to Christmas?


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  1. Diana says:

    Cute idea Aimee and fun!