Painting Wall Trim

This post brought to you by FrogTape®. The content and opinions expressed below are that of It’s Overflowing. Painting Wall Trim.  When we first moved into this house three years ago we got a few bids on having our boys bedroom painted to match the rest of the house. It was far too high for us to be able to make it work and the job seemed to labor intensive.  So we rolled Gray Owl onto the walls and left the trim for another day.

Black Trim @ItsOverflowing Blog

Gray Owl clearly improved their bedroom over the way it looked when we bought it.


Last weekend after getting an awesome tip from my expert trim painting brother-in-law, we finally gave this room a much needed update!

FrogTape 9 @ItsOverflowing Blog

My brother-in-law’s tip was to tuck FrogTape® brand painter’s tape under the baseboards in addition to using its PaintBlock® Technology above the trim.  This would give us the sharpest paint lines possible.

Painting Trim 9 @ItsOverflowing Blog

Friday afternoon was spent prepping the room with FrogTape®.  Tape can stay for 21 days before you paint, 7 days in direct sunlight.  I couldn’t wait to get to work!

Painting Trim 8 @ItsOverflowing Blog

On Saturday morning, we woke up and started painting.  This is a huge space so it was a little time consuming, but the payoff was major!

Painting Trim @ItsOverflowing Blog

Stud was my DJ and partner in crime.  We were able to cover the jet black paint effortlessly and with precision.  Two coats of primer followed by a coat of top coat and the room looked amazing.

Painting Trim 3 @ItsOverflowing Blog

Remove the tape immediately after painting, while paint is still wet.

Painting Trim 6 @ItsOverflowing Blog

In a few areas the paint had begun to dry so I pressed down on the tape to remove the seal and then easily pulled the tape away from from the carpet.

FrogTape 2 @ItsOverflowing Blog

Having used FrogTape® many times before, I had never used it on baseboard, to protect carpet.  Once again I am swept away by the results!

Painting Trim 7 @ItsOverflowing Blog

Can you even believe how crisp the white paint is on this window sill!?!

FrogTape 7 @ItsOverflowing Blog

I LOVE using FrogTape on all my paint projects to Paint a Chalkboard Wall, Perfect Stripes, Labels for Sorting Laundry, and now to Paint Over Black Trim.  More FrogTape® painting inspiration.

FrogTape 8 @ItsOverflowing Blog

Painting Wall Trim

FrogTape Paint @ItsOverflowing Blog

All day I’ve been running my kids stuff upstairs so I can peek at the final results again.  Usually I just toss their stuff on the stairs and let them carry it up when they go up next.

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  1. Kat says:

    What kind of primer and paint did you use?! I have been painting over dark stained trim and doors and it requires 2-3 coats of primer and as many coats of paint!

    • Aimee says:

      We used Kilz for the primer and followed with Sherwin Williams Pro Classic Paint. Good luck finishing Kat!!!