Chic Coastal Dream Home Tour

It’s time for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour. My aunt and uncle have called Gig Harbor home for many years. She used to travel miles to shop. Word has gotten out about this jewel of a town. Gig Harbor has maintained their sweet little boutiques and also added many familiar names. Let’s not wait for another second to peek at this Chic Coastal Dream Home Tour.

Every year I eagerly await the reveal of the new HGTV Dream Home so I can submit my name as many times as I possibly can. Yes, I’ve read many accounts of the taxes being too high and the house being sent into foreclosure. Should I win, top on my list will be to sit down with one of my “money-smart” friends. I’m pretty sure, when you see this home you’ll start dreaming of making this home your own.

Home is filled with unparalleled beauty and chic coastal style. One of the things I love most about Washington is the unending supply of beautiful gardens.  Can you imagine having nonstop clippings available!?!

Love the cutting boards leaning. I need to add one larger one to my collection.

So clever right. Don’t you love the chalkboard paint backsplash!?  I can never find my shopping list. That list wouldn’t walk away. Take a quick pic of the wall and run to the store. And it’d be super cute to leave sweet notes for my kids there, too.

A touch of pink. I know the color of the year is some shade of purple, but I’m totally obsessing over pink and pastels.

Most beautiful fiddle fig I’ve ever seen. These windows, oh my gosh, a houseplants dream!  I love the symmetrically arranged white sofas. That chandelier is gorgeous! And don’t miss the fern, I’d like to claim that as a touch of southern class in the northwest.

Not a huge lover of floor lamps until I saw these. I’m quickly becoming a believer again.

I love seeing the mix of metal light fixtures. Galvanized industrial pendants above the dining table and blackened bronze chandelier in the living room.

Does your eye go straight to the artwork or the storage closet!?  Seriously loving both!  Such an artsy area, this collage is perfect.

Family room upstairs is totally fun. Soft turquoise plates above the television, a white console, and more art. Loving the turquoise sofas, rug, and lamps, too. I saw a wood end table while shopping and may go back and get it.  Years ago I tried to pick up a tree stump from the side of the road.  It was so heavy, I laughed at myself when I got into the car and waved goodbye to the beauty.

Each of my rooms has beds so I’m not in the market, but every time I see an iron bed I get a little sick in my pit that I don’t have one. Love it to pieces!

And more artwork! My house is so neutral and I think that’s my groove, but I love visiting homes with lots of colors.

Blacked bronze, gold, and stainless steel. It works right!  As do these grasscloth walls!

This bathroom is dreamy. I love the chevron mirrors, butcher block counters, and pops of navy. And that deer head is so unexpected and fun.

Robe hooks are total necessities.

This bedroom is so pretty, too. Love the color combination, blue, white, and pale pink.

Those roses and that puppy.

More totally happy houseplants!?!  Love it!  Also, love that the television blends in with the art collage.

Adjustable shelves to fit shoes of all different heights.

Master bathroom is such a beautiful, bright oasis.

I love the dark hardware accent in this bathroom.  And of course the wooden horse.

And a little peek at the source of some of this artwork. A little studio in the garage and a garage door that lets in lots of natural light.

Beauty from every angle, I think I’d be inspired to become an artist if I lived in an area with this much natural beauty.

Which is your favorite room in this house!?

Chic Coastal Dream Home Tour

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  1. Terri S says:

    How neat to see my town featured on your blog! We love the Harbor.

  2. Fabby says:

    Beautiful home and tour.
    Thank you for sharing such inspiration. Pinning

  3. What a beautiful house and setting! Thank you for sharing. You are the Blue Beauty at the Anything Blue Friday party at The Dedicated House. Here is the link to this week’s soiree: Have a gorgeous weekend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. I love seeing the beauty of our Pacific Northwest featured. I love the house and the gorgeous view out those windows. Lucky one who will get to dwell there 💚

    • Aimee says:

      So lucky! Crossing my fingers and my toes! XOXO!

  5. another liz says:

    As a native of Washington, I appreciate their use of light and color. There are too many overcast days in Washington, and their design counteracts this. And Gig Harbor is a fun place to live! I used to spend summers there with my cousin. . . . And what a great idea for a deer bust in the bathroom! Necklaces could be placed on the antlers . . . and that patio! Wow! I could easily be caught sitting on the patio overlooking the Sound, sipping something warm even in the rain. All of the warm details in this home make it spectacular!

    • another liz says:

      . . . and one more! That charcoal color on the outside looks surprisingly gorgeous on a rainy day. This home is like a warm cup of coffee — dark on the outside and creamy on the inside . . . or like a dark chocolate See’s candy — dark on the outside and sweetly creamy on the inside . . . or . . . [okay, that’s enough — you get the idea]

      • Aimee says:

        I love it … warm cup of coffee … dark chocolate See’s chocolate!!! You’re speaking my language! We don’t have many See’s Stores here in the south, but I was raised on it growing up. The other day I got a craving and took a drive to cure it. I about cried when the lady told me all her scotchmallows had to be sent back and she wasn’t sure how long until she had them back in stock. I may just need to move to Washington for that reason alone … accessibility to See’s!

  6. liz says:

    Love the home and the furniture, however, I feel they went a bit overboard with the wall decor. Every wall space is covered and it just seems too busy with prints, plates, mirrors, branches and baskets.

    • Aimee says:

      I hear you Liz! I would have to minimize the decor if I moved in, but I totally love the overthetop decor at other people’s houses!!!